Krzysztof Rakowski

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OBJECTIVES To assess the awareness and voluntary usage of the World Health Organization's Surgical Safety Checklist (WHO SSC), just prior to its mandatory implementation. DESIGN Questionnaire-based, prospective, telephone survey. SETTING Patients are exposed to systematic risks and principles of surgical safety are inconsistently applied even in(More)
A comparison of lossleess compression results is given for RGB, YC R C B and reversible JPEG 2000 color space. The paper describes the general conditions that rounding errors of a color transformation do not cumulate in the consecutive cycles of forward and inverse transformation. In particular, rounding errors of the RGB → YC R C B → RGB transformation do(More)
The paper defines the conditions for the coefficients of a linear color transformation that guarantee that after one cycle of transformation and inverse transformation all further cycles of transformation do not introduce rounding errors to sample values. Moreover, the upper limits of the rounding error can be calculated according to the formulas given in(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This dissertation is a result of the fruitful cooperation with my advisor Prof. Marek Domański, who was the spiritus movens for my activity in image compression field. He has introduced me into this subject, showed the basic ideas and theorems and encouraged me to continue my work. I must not forget about my father Marian who was both the(More)
The problem of error accumulation in consecutive compression/decompression cycles of still images is discussed in this article. Considered are predictive and transform techniques together with color transformations. Theoretical analysis is provided for error accumulation in linear transformations followed by quantization. The conditions for lack of error(More)
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