Krzysztof Pawełczak

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Synthesis and biological evaluation are described of seven new analogues (3-9) of two potent thymidylate synthase inhibitors, 10-propargyl-5,8-dideazafolate (1) and its 2-methyl-2-deamino congener ICI 198583 (2). While the new compunds 3 and 4 were analogues of 1 and 2, respectively, containing a p-aminobenzenesulfonyl residue in place of the p-aminobenzoic(More)
2-Deamino-2-methyl-N10-propargyl-5,8-dideazafolic acid (ICI 198583) is a potent inhibitor of thymidylate synthase. Its analogue, N(alpha)-[4-[N-[(3,4-dihydro-2-methyl-4-oxo-6-quinazolinyl)methyl]-N-propargylamino]phenylacetyl]-L-glutamic acid, containing p-aminophenylacetic acid residue substituting p-aminobenzoic acid residue, was synthesized. The new(More)
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