Krzysztof Patorski

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The double grating shearing interferometry method for determination of the degree of light collimation is described. High accuracy is obtained by performing the observation of fringes in the area of the size twice as big as the one usually assumed in shearing interferometry experiments. The conditions under which such a detection mode is feasible are(More)
The methods of generating the cross derivatives of in-plane displacements by lateral shear interferometry and their subsequent addition are presented. Two approaches are introduced: (1) spatial filtering of composed diffraction structures and (2) moire superimposition of conjugate-type lateral shear interferograms. Experimental corroboration of the(More)
We propose an application for a bidimensional empirical mode decomposition and a Hilbert transform algorithm (BEMD-HT) in processing amplitude modulated fringe patterns. In numerical studies we investigate the influence of parameters of the algorithm and a fringe pattern under study on the demodulation results to optimize the procedure. A spiral phase(More)
Analytical expressions describing the moire fringes formed by two periodic structures consisting of the evolutes of a circle are derived. The circular and radial moire patterns can be formed by contact and noncontact superimposition of the structures. In the latter case the self-imaging phenomenon is used. Experimental verification and proposals for use are(More)
Presented method for fringe pattern enhancement has been designed for processing and analyzing low quality fringe patterns. It uses a modified fast and adaptive bidimensional empirical mode decomposition (FABEMD) for the extraction of bidimensional intrinsic mode functions (BIMFs) from an interferogram. Fringe pattern is then selectively reconstructed (SR)(More)
We introduce a fast, simple, adaptive and experimentally robust method for reconstructing background-rejected optically-sectioned images using two-shot structured illumination microscopy. Our innovative data demodulation method needs two grid-illumination images mutually phase shifted by π (half a grid period) but precise phase displacement between two(More)
We propose a novel single-shot Hilbert-Huang transform-based algorithm applied to digital holographic microscopy (DHM) for robust, fast, and accurate single-shot quantitative phase imaging in on-axis and off-axis configurations. Fringe pattern with possible defects and closed fringes are adaptively filtered and accurately phase demodulated using local(More)