Krzysztof Okoń

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Currently, cancer diagnosis relies mostly on morphological examination of exfoliated, aspirated cells or surgically removed tissue. As long as standard diagnosis is concerned, this classical approach seems to be satisfactory. In the recent years, cancer progression has been shown to be accompanied by alterations in mechanical properties of cells. This(More)
Oncogenic KRAS mutations are associated with resistance to anti-EGFR therapy in colorectal carcinoma. Since anti-EGFR monoclonal antibodies are employed in clinical practice in advanced colorectal cancer, KRAS mutations have become an important predictor of therapy outcome. Mutational analysis of KRAS was performed on 163 adenocarcinoma samples. Exons 1-3(More)
Mast cells are a component of cancer microenvironment the role of which is complex and poorly understood. Mast cells promote cancer growth by stimulation of neoangiogenesis, tissue remodeling and by modulation of the host immune response. The mediators of cancer promotion include protease-activated receptors, mitogen activated protein kinases,(More)
BACKGROUND Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) is a new technique that enables the assessment of bronchial wall layers. The aim of the study was to verify the utility of EBUS for the assessment of bronchial wall remodeling in patients with asthma. METHODS In 35 patients with asthma and 23 control subjects, high-resolution CT (HRCT) scanning and EBUS were used(More)
We report a case of a 73-year-old female with a tumour of the tongue, operated with two relapses. A single metastasis to the lymph node was present. Currently, the patient is alive without evidence of disease. The histological diagnosis of cribriform adenocarcinoma of the tongue was rendered. The differential diagnosis of adenocarcinomas of the tongue is(More)
In primary glomerulonephritis the degree of interstitial fibrosis governs the renal function. Mast cells participate in renal interstitial fibrosis, but its role remains poorly understood. Some of human mast cells contain chymase and chymase may participate in local angiotensin formation. Material consisted of 35 renal biopsies. The diagnoses included(More)
UNLABELLED Adrenocortical oncocytoma is extremely rarely found. Only a little more than thirty cases of adrenal oncocytoma, mainly nonfunctioning and benign, have been reported in the literature. Adrenal mass 150 x 160 x 172 mm in size and enlarged periarterial lymph nodes were found in CT examination performed in 51-year-old male. Main complaints: weight(More)
Neurodegenerative diseases are the set of progressive, age-related brain disorders, characterized by an excessive accumulation of mutant proteins in the certain regions of the brain. Such changes, collectively identified as causal factors of neurodegeneration, all impact mitochondria, imminently leading to their dysfunction. These observations predestine(More)
UNLABELLED DNA mismatch repair system defects cause microsatellite instability (MSI) and form an alternative pathway in cancer development. Germline mutations of DNA mismatch repair genes account for hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer, which has a different morphology and biology than sporadic cancers. MSI has also been found in sporadic neoplasms(More)
BACKGROUND MALT lymphomas were classified for differential diagnostics of IgG4-dependent disease due to their exceptional predilection to intraorbital localization. Therefore, the goal of our studies was large retrospective analysis of patients diagnosed with MALT lymphomas within the orbital tissues, since no such studies have been conducted in Poland. (More)