Krzysztof Makowski

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The exact timing, route, and process of the initial peopling of the Americas remains uncertain despite much research. Archaeological evidence indicates the presence of humans as far as southern Chile by 14.6 thousand years ago (ka), shortly after the Pleistocene ice sheets blocking access from eastern Beringia began to retreat. Genetic estimates of the(More)
The paper presents a mathematical model and simulation results of dynamic characteristics of the single-phase capacitor induction motor for different values of the capacitor capacitance and moment of inertia at no-load and nominal load conditions. The model has been used to study the effect of some machine parameters on the start-up and load performance of(More)
It has been widely accepted that diurnal temperature range (DTR) decreased on a global scale during the second half of the twentieth century. Here we show however, that the long-term trend of annual DTR has reversed from a decrease to an increase during the 1970s in Western Eu-rope and during the 1980s in Eastern Europe. The analysis is based on the(More)
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