Krzysztof Makowski

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Abstract. The paper presents a mathematical model and simulation results of dynamic characteristics of the single-phase capacitor induction motor for different values of the capacitor capacitance and moment of inertia at no-load and nominal load conditions. The model has been used to study the effect of some machine parameters on the start-up and load(More)
The paper deals with a single-phase induction machine operating as a stand-alone self-excited single-phase induction generator for generation of electrical energy from renewably energy sources. By changing number of turns and size of wires in the auxiliary stator winding, considerable improvement of performance characteristics of the generator were obtained(More)
In the paper, sudden short-circuit transients at terminals of an autonomous single-phase induction generator were simulated using field-circuit 2D model of the single-phase induction generator. The transients at terminals were calculated for different configurations of capacitors in stator windings. Some experimental results showing re-excitation of the(More)
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