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The aim of this study was to analyze the role of regions of the glucocorticosteroid receptor (GR) outside the DNA binding domain (DBD) in GR binding and homodimerization efficiencies by using a model(More)
We have identified a human gene encoding a 48-kDa protein that specifically interacts with the peptidyl prolyl isomerase FK506-binding protein 59 (FKBP59) and also with the well known FKBP12. FKBP59(More)
The investigation of molecular interactions in whole cells by immunofluorescence was developed recently, based on the targeting of the protein partners to different cellular compartments and analysis(More)
FKBP52 (FKBP59, FKBP4) is a "macro" immunophilin that, although sharing high structural and functional homologies in its amino-terminal domain with FKBP12 (FKBP1), does not have immunosuppressant(More)
Schwann cells have been identified as targets for glucocorticoids. Besides genes implicated in the myelination process, the target genes of glucocorticoids have not been identified in these cells.(More)
Rat fetal serum alpha 1-fetoprotein (AFP), a heterogeneous glycoprotein, binds estrogens with high affinity but at a fractional number of sites even after treatment with charcoal (n = 0.6), which may(More)