Krzysztof Lepek

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PURPOSE To determine the effect of cellular proliferation and cell cycle stage on the ability of postirradiation 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) to radiosensitize cultured human colon adenocarcinoma Clone A cells. METHODS AND MATERIALS Cell survival curves were generated for irradiated: (a) log- and plateau-phase Clone A cells; and (b) Clone A cells separated by(More)
Mixed infections of a single host with different variants of influenza A virus are the main source of reassortants which may have unpredictable properties when they establish themselves in the human population. In this report we describe a method for rapid detection of mixed influenza virus infections with the seasonal A/H1N1 human strain and the pandemic(More)
Influenza viruses are the worldwide major causative agents of human and animal acute respiratory infections. Some of the influenza subtypes have caused epidemics and pandemics among humans. The varieties of methods are available for the rapid isolation and identification of influenza viruses in clinical and environmental samples. Since nucleic acids(More)
Monitoring and control of infections are key parts of surveillance systems and epidemiological risk prevention. In the case of influenza A viruses (IAVs), which show high variability, a wide range of hosts, and a potential of reassortment between different strains, it is essential to study not only people, but also animals living in the immediate(More)
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