Krzysztof Kucharski

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Fisher linear discriminant analysis (FLDA) based on variance ratio is compared with scatter linear discriminant (SLDA) analysis based on determinant ratio. It is shown that each optimal FLDA data model is optimal SLDA data model but not opposite. The novel algorithm 2SS4LDA (two singular subspaces for LDA) is presented using two singular value(More)
The paper presents the concept and the verification of a novel silicon monolithic active pixel detector realized in the SOI technology. The reliability and the basic electrical characteristics of the sensor are studied and the sensor sensitivity to the ionising radiation is investigated in details. 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
In this paper two novel face detection methods based on different approaches are presented. The Morphological Elastic Graph Matching face detector uses some expert knowledge about a layout of the face and mutual relations between its most parts. It allows for accurate detection of frontal faces with some tolerance regrading view, in-plane rotation etc. but(More)
A fully-depleted SOI CMOS technology, being implemented in ITE, Warsaw, has been briefly described. Extensive wafer-scale electrical measurements have been done towards investigation of the technology stability. The measurements have been followed by I-V characteristics processing based on compact models of MOS transistors. The calculated electrophysical(More)
A cascade of linear and nonlinear operators is designed for facial image indexing and recognition. We show that such an approach results in efficient and low-dimensional feature space for face representation with enhanced discriminatory power. Experimental evaluation of the proposed FR algorithm was conducted on MPEG test set with over 8000 images of about(More)