Krzysztof Kucharski

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The complete theory for Fisher and dual discriminant analysis is presented as the background of the novel algorithms. LDA is found as composition of projection onto the singular sub-space for within-class normalised data with the projection onto the singular subspace for between-class normalised data. The dual LDA consists of those projections applied in(More)
Fisher linear discriminant analysis (FLDA) based on variance ratio is compared with scatter linear discriminant (SLDA) analysis based on determinant ratio. It is shown that each optimal FLDA data model is optimal SLDA data model but not opposite. The novel algorithm 2SS4LDA (two singular subspaces for LDA) is presented using two singular value(More)
A MPW service has been arranged in the ITE in order to offer facility to academies for prototyping of CMOS ICs. This service is based on the proprietary CMOS process. The technology has been characterized via electrical measurements of dedicated test structures. The characteristics have been implemented in the form of design kit. Cadence reg design system(More)
A cascade of linear and nonlinear operators is designed for facial image indexing and recognition. We show that such an approach results in efficient and low-dimensional feature space for face representation with enhanced discriminatory power. Experimental evaluation of the proposed FR algorithm was conducted on MPEG test set with over 8000 images of about(More)