Krzysztof Kowalski

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This paper presents a branching method for the solution of the fixed charge transportation problem. Starting with a linear formulation of the problem, we develop the method which converges to the optimal solution. The method is based on the computation of a lower bound and an upper bound embedded within a branching process. We present a detailed numerical(More)
We present a direct analytical algorithm for solving transportation problems with quadratic function cost coefficients. The algorithm uses the concept of absolute points developed by the authors in earlier works. The versatility of the proposed algorithm is evidenced by the fact that quadratic functions are often used as approximations for other functions,(More)
Animal toxins can have medical and therapeutic applications. Principally, toxins produced by insects, arachnids, snakes and frogs have been characterized. Venomous mammals are rare, and their venoms have not been comprehensively investigated. Among shrews, only the venom of Blarina brevicauda has been analysed so far, and blarina toxin has been proven to be(More)
In this paper we provide a heuristic algorithm for solving transportation problems with mixed constraints and extend the algorithm to find a more-for-less (MFL) solution, if one exists. Though many transportation problems in real life have mixed constraints, these problems are not addressed in the literature because of the rigor required to solve these(More)
Only a few studies comparing flea composition on the coast and in the mountains have been conducted. We investigated differences in flea communities infesting small mammals in selected habitats in northern, central, and southern Poland. We predicted (1) a greater number of flea species in the southeastern Poland and a lower number in the north, (2) a(More)
Recognizing patterns of parasite distribution among wildlife hosts is of major importance due to growing risk of transmission of zoonotic diseases to humans. Thus, sex-dependent parasite distribution in higher vertebrates is extensively studied, and males are often found more parasitized than females. Male-biased parasitism may be the result of weaker(More)
A 22-year-old man was admitted to the acute intoxication unit after suicidal intoxication with 100 tablets of verapamil, diltiazem and isosorbide mononitrate. He developed shock, paralytic ileus and adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). The patient required high doses of catecholamines and mechanical ventilation with high inspiratory pressure.(More)