Krzysztof Gozdziewski

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We study the long-term dynamics of the PSR 1257+12 planetary system. Using the recently determined accurate initial condition by Konacki & Wolszczan (2003) who derived the orbital inclinations and the absolute masses of the planets B and C, we investigate the system stability by long-term, 1 Gyr direct integrations. No secular changes of the semi-major(More)
We describe numerical tools for the stability analysis of extrasolar planetary systems. In particular, we consider the relative Poincaré variables and symplectic integration of the equations of motion. We apply the tangent map to derive a numerically efficient algorithm of the fast indicator Mean Exponential Growth factor of Nearby Orbits (MEGNO), a measure(More)
In the field of the Solar system and planetary dynamics, extensive computational experiments became useful and well established, standard research tools. These experiments regard direct numerical integrations of complex equations of motion to study the long-term orbital evolution and stability of various N-body systems (e.g., [10]), an analysis of the(More)