Krzysztof Giergiel

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Recent tests of a single module of the Jagiellonian Positron Emission Tomography system (J-PET) consisting of 30 cm long plastic scintillator strips have proven its applicability for the detection of annihilation quanta (0.511 MeV) with a coincidence resolving time (CRT) of 0.266 ns. The achieved resolution is almost by a factor of two better with respect(More)
A novel PET detector consisting of strips of polymer scintillators is being developed by the Jagiellonian Positron Emission Tomograph (J-PET) collaboration. The map of efficiency and the map of geometrical acceptance of the two-strip J-PET scanner are presented. The map of efficiency was determined using the Monte Carlo simulation software GEANT4(More)
Photomultipliers are commonly used in commercial PET scanner as devices which convert light produced in scintillator by gamma quanta from positron-electron annihilation into electrical signal. For proper analysis of obtained electrical signal, a photomultiplier gain curve must be known, since gain can be significantly different even between photomultipliers(More)
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