Krzysztof Franciszek Stec

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Recent progress in applying meta-omics approaches to the study of marine ecosystems potentially allows scientists to study the genetic and functional diversity of plankton at an unprecedented depth and with enhanced precision. However, while a range of persistent technical issues still need to be resolved, a much greater obstacle currently preventing a(More)
A vegetarian diet may be adopted for various reasons that can include ecological, economic, religious, ethical and health considerations. In the latter case they arise from the desire to lose weight, in tackling obesity, improving physical fitness and/or in reducing the risk of acquiring certain diseases. It has been shown that properly applied vegetarian(More)
Sexual reproduction represents a fundamental phase in the life cycle of diatoms, linked to both the production of genotypic diversity and the formation of large-sized initial cells. Only cells below a certain size threshold can be sexualized, but various environmental factors can modulate the success of sexual reproduction. We investigated the role of cell(More)
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