Krzysztof Dzierzega

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Time and space resolved measurements of Thomson scattering of 532 nm , 6 ns laser pulses were performed on argon thermal discharge plasma with electron temperature T(e)>10,000 K and electron density 8 x 10(22) m(-3)< n(e)<2 x 10(23) m(-3). From these measurements, variations of the electron density and temperature across the laser beam and their evolution(More)
The Stark-broadened line shapes for phase-conjugate degenerate four-wave mixing (PCDFWM) laser spectroscopy are studied. The line profiles are calculated for high-density (N(e) > 10(21) m(-3) plasma conditions and for different contributions of the Doppler broadening. Calculations are performed in the limit of low laser intensities using the perturbation(More)
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