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BACKGROUND Endovascular stent grafting is performed in patients with aneurysms of aorta or other major vessels. The procedure is considered to be generally safe, with a low risk of complications, the most common of which include endoleaks, stenosis or thrombosis at the stagraft and itsmigration. Very rare complications include aortoesophageal and(More)
BACKGROUND Given the increasing number of elderly hemodialysis-dependent patients with concomitant chronic diseases the successful creation and maintenance of reliable vascular access become a real challenge. In current literature central vein disease (CVD) is defined as at least 50% narrowing up to total occlusion of central veins of the thorax including(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of peripheral arterial diseases may be distinguished into conservative and interventional management; the latter is divided into surgical and endovascular procedures. Management of peripheral artery stenosis and occlusion with vascular stents is associated with the risk of late complications such as restenosis, stent fracture or(More)
One of the most common causes of stroke is carotid atherosclerosis, stroke affects about 60 thousand Polish people each year and about 27% of them die within a year. About 72%-86% are ischemic strokes, whereas intracerebral or subarachnoid haemorrhages account for about 9-18% of strokes. Stroke is the third most common cause of death worldwide, after heart(More)
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