Krzysztof Domanski

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A new method of analysis has allowed the exonucleolytic cleavage by human 3'-exonuclease to be determined. Hydrolysis by human plasma 3'-exonuclease proceeds with retention of configuration at phosphorus. The new method determines the sense of chirality at phosphorus in isotopomeric adenosine 5'-O-[(18)O]phosphorothioates. This is based on stereospecific(More)
This paper discusses novel customer-oriented micro device product engineering methodology based on a real sample design of MEMS inertial sensor. The methodology supports multi-site product development. Virtual prototyping on a sample rapid virtual wafer run with extended customer support and feedback are also discussed along with presentation of selected(More)
Tremendous progress of microelectronic technology observed within last 40 years is closely related to even more remarkable progress of technological tools. It is important to note however, that these new tools may be used for fabrication of diverse multifunctional structures as well. Such devices, called MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System) and MOEMS(More)
In the paper a simple compact model of a transfer of a mechanical energy into an electrical energy is presented. The mechanical energy is stored in a vibrating bimetallic membrane with an electret layer. The membrane vibrations are forced by a set-up consisting of a cold and hot surfaces. During the vibrations this set-up acts as a variable capacitor with(More)
A development of the VeSTIC technology is reported. The manufacturing of the test structures with different types of transistors is described. The electrical 1-V characteristics of the MOS and junction field effect transistors and of the bipolar junction transistors produced in VeSTIC technology were measured. Basic parameters of the test devices were(More)
This work presents the results of the integration of a force sensor fabricated with the silicon technology in a microgripper actuated by a piezoactuator system. The force sensor consists of a silicon box with an output beam. Forces acting of the beam are sensed in the clamping where the stress is maximum. The voltage read out is made by a Wheatstone bridge.(More)
Extraction of MOSFET parameters is a very important task for the purposes of MOS integrated circuits characterization and design. A versatile tool for the MOSFET parameter extraction has been developed in the Institute of Electron Technology (IET). It is used to monitor the technologies applied for fabrication of several groups of devices, e.g., CMOS ASICs,(More)