Krzysztof Cichy

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We investigate BB̄ systems by computing potentials of two static quarks in the presence of two quarks of finite mass using lattice QCD. By solving the Schrödinger equation we check whether these potentials are sufficiently attractive to host bound states. Particular focus is put on the experimentally most promising bottomonium-like tetraquark candidate Z± b(More)
We present results from an ongoing computation of masses of D mesons, Ds mesons and charmonium, including both ground states and several parity and angular momentum excitations. We employ 2+1+1 flavours of dynamical maximally twisted mass fermions at three lattice spacings and three u/d quark masses at each lattice spacing. We consider different(More)
We numerically study the zero temperature phase structure of the multiflavor Schwinger model at nonzero chemical potential. Using matrix product states, we reproduce analytical results for the phase structure for two flavors in the massless case and extend the computation to the massive case, where no analytical predictions are available. Our calculations(More)
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