Krzysztof Bartosz

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We consider a mathematical model which describes the contact between a linearly elastic body and an obstacle, the so-called foundation. The process is static and the contact is bilateral, i.e., there is no loss of contact. The friction is modeled with a nonmotonone law. The purpose of this work is to provide an error estimate for the Galerkin method as well(More)
In this paper a fully dynamic viscoelastic contact problem is studied. The contact is assumed to be bilateral and frictional, where the friction law is described by a nonmonotone relation between the tangential stress and the tangential velocity. A weak formulation of the problem leads to a second order nonmonotone subdifferential inclusion, also known as a(More)
In this paper the sensitivity of optimal solutions to control problems described by second order evolution subdifferential inclusions under perturbations of state relations and of cost functionals is investigated. First we establish a new existence result for a class of such inclusions. Then, based on the theory of sequential -convergence we recall the(More)
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