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Synergy effect of ultrafine tungsten, silicon carbides, and graphite microadditives on the Fe-based MMCs properties using the simplex lattice design
Abstract This paper is focused on the analysis of the changes in the structure and properties of metal matrix composites (MMCs) based on iron (Fe) material with tungsten carbide (WC), silicon carbideExpand
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Investigation of the influence of coolant-lubricant modification on selected effects of pull broaching
The paper presents the results of testing the wear of the tool (pull broach) and a gear wheel splineway surface roughness after the friction node of pull broach/gear wheel (CuSn12Ni2) had beenExpand
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Distribution of Hydrodynamic Pressure in Slide Bearings Applying Lubricants of Different Viscosity
The paper presents the results of tests on the distribution of hydrodynamic pressure in relation to the viscosity of a lubricant, the rotational speed of a journal and bearing load. Two differentExpand
Effect of Chemical Exploitation Preparation on the Tribological Properties of CuSn10 Bronze within the Friction Process
The paper presents results of tribological properties of the kinematic pair: X210Cr12 steel / CuSn10 bronze, lubricated within the friction process by engine oil SAE 20W/40, and by the same lubricantExpand
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The Effect of EP/AW Additives in Emulsion Mist on the Geometric Structure of the Machined Surface during Carbon Steel C45 Turning
One of the problems of metal alloys machining in view of the environment protection is the use of cooling lubricants. From this viewpoint, it is preferred to limit the use or completely eliminateExpand