Krzystof Kwiatos

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This paper is concerned with the tremor characterization for the purpose of recognition. Three different types of tremor are considered in this paper: the parkinsonian, essential, and physiological. It has been proven that standard second-order statistical description of tremor is not sufficient to distinguish between these three types. Higher order(More)
Tremor constitutes one of the most important symptoms of neurological disorders. However, its objective assessment is very difficult. The methods used for objectification require application of such devices as Schottky photodetectors, piezoelectric detectors or kymographs. The best results are achieved with the use of spectral analysis. To meet requirements(More)
The paper presents the results of a structural and strength examination of a cobalt casting alloy that is used for combined work in prosthesis technique. The research was conducted on samples made with a centrifugal method in a standard air atmosphere and a pressure -vacuum method in a Nautilus MC plus casting machine in an argon-hydrogen atmosphere. The(More)
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