Krzesimir Szkudlarek

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We present the concept, the fabrication processes and the experimental results for materials and optics that can be used for terahertz field-effect transistor detector focal plane arrays. More specifically, we propose 3D printed arrays of a new type - diffractive multi-zone lenses of which the performance is superior to that of previously used mono-zone(More)
This work presents results of investigations of lateral and vertical Schottky diodes based on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) grown GaN/AlGaN heterostructures. We have used plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy in metal rich conditions on freestanding GaN commercial substrates and GaN/sapphire heterosubstrates. The optimized technological procedures have been(More)
An overview of recent results concerning THz detection related to plasma nonlinearities in nanometer field effect transistors is presented. In particular, the research on the dynamic range of these detectors is described and two different technologies GaAs and GaN are compared. As a conclusion, we will show first real world applications of the plasma field(More)
In this paper, an overview of main results concerning THz detection by nanometer field effect transistors (FETs) and heterojunction based transistors (HBTs) is presented. Different GaInAs/InP and GaN/AlGaN nanometer field effect transistors based detectors are presented. We present also first Silicon C-MOS transistors based integrated circuits for wireless(More)
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