Krystyna Zuzewicz

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The study determined physiological and psychophysical responses to fire fighters' typical activities. Self-reported assessment of the most demanding fire fighting/rescue tasks were collected with a questionnaire. Then 19 voluntary fire fighters performed 3 simulated fire fighting/rescue tasks in protective clothing. Heart rate (HR), blood pressure and(More)
Previously, we have demonstrated that the timing of the nocturnal peak of activity of the pineal arylalkylamine-N-acetyltransferase - a key enzyme in the melatonin biosynthesis pathway - in 3-wk-old chickens kept from the day of hatch under controlled laboratory conditions (L:D 12:12) varies depending on the season of hatch (summer vs. winter). The present(More)
Shift work and night work in particular, account for numerous disturbances in circadian biological rhythms of physiological activities. Shift workers most frequently complain of sleep disturbances manifested among others by sleep duration and quality, as well as by time of proper sleep and naps. Among methods used for the sleep assessment, subjective tests:(More)
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