Krystyna Truszkowska

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An Object Oriented Particle-in-Cell model of a plasma glow discharge in a cylindrical magnetron cleaning device has been developed to provide guidance in developing a novel in situ surface conditioning technique. The model tracks the trajectories of particles by solving the equations of motion and the electrostatic field equations. Simulation results are(More)
A new technique has been developed for determining the inductance and resistance gradients of electromagnetic launchers. These are fundamental parameters when estimating launcher performance. The method is based on our analysis that shows how a transmission line model describes the relationship between the voltage gradient along the launcher rails and the(More)
The electromagnetic launcher is currently being explored as an alternative to propellant gun systems to satisfy the ordnance requirements of future military systems. Recent improvements in component technologies have increased the plausibility of making the electromagnetic launcher a practical alternative to chemically driven guns. The U.S. Army Armament(More)
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