Krystyna Grabski

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Compared with complex coordinated orofacial actions, few neuroimaging studies have attempted to determine the shared and distinct neural substrates of supralaryngeal and laryngeal articulatory movements when performed independently. To determine cortical and subcortical regions associated with supralaryngeal motor control, participants produced lip, tongue(More)
Recent studies have provided evidence for sensory-motor adaptive changes and action goal coding of visually guided manual action in premotor and posterior parietal cortices. To extend these results to orofacial actions, devoid of auditory and visual feedback, we used a repetition suppression paradigm while measuring neural activity with functional magnetic(More)
In addition to sensory processing, recent neurobiological models of speech perception postulate the existence of a left auditory dorsal processing stream, linking auditory speech representations in the auditory cortex with articulatory representations in the motor system, through sensorimotor interaction interfaced in the supramarginal gyrus and/or the(More)
Auditory and somatosensory systems play a key role in speech motor control. In the act of speaking, segmental speech movements are programmed to reach phonemic sensory goals, which in turn are used to estimate actual sensory feedback in order to further control production. The adult's tendency to automatically imitate a number of acoustic-phonetic(More)
Studies of speech motor control suggest that articulatory and phonemic goals are defined in multidimensional motor, somatosensory, and auditory spaces. To test whether motor simulation might rely on sensory-motor coding common with those for motor execution, we used a repetition suppression (RS) paradigm while measuring neural activity with sparse sampling(More)
Marc Sato *, Krystyna Grabski , Arthur M Glenberg , Amélie Brisebois , Anahita Basirat , Lucie Ménard c and Luigi Cattaneo d GIPSA-LAB, CNRS & Grenoble Universités, Grenoble, France Department of Psychology, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA Département de Linguistique & Centre for Research on Language, Mind, and Brain, Université du Québec à(More)
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