Krystyna Gałązka

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INTRODUCTION The exceptionality of endometrium, differentiating it from other epithelial tissues is related with its ability to regulate the number and activity of infiltrating immunological cells according to menstrual cycle phases. The aim of this study was a comparative evaluation of the number of CD56 positive cells, as well the analysis of CD69 antigen(More)
INTRODUCTION In the absence of a known affected family member, frequent symptoms of Gaucher disease (GD), a rare lysosomal storage disorder, such as thrombocytopenia or splenomegaly, often lead to hematological diagnostic workup. OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to compare the clinical utility of aspiration biopsy of the bone marrow (ASP) with trephine(More)
Some notochord cells remain along the axis of the vertebral column after embryogenesis. These 'notochordal remnants' have some similarities, but their biological behaviour varies considerably. They can give rise to benign lesions such as ecchordosis physaliphora (EP) and 'benign notochordal cell tumour' (BNCT), or aggressive ones like chordoma. We review(More)
Ghrelin has protective and therapeutic effects in the gut. The aim of present studies was to investigate the effect of treatment with ghrelin on the development of colitis evoked by dextran sodium sulfate (DSS). Methods. Studies have been performed on rats. Colitis was induced by adding 5% DSS to the drinking water for 5 days. During this period animals(More)
A case of synchronous primary cardiac dedifferentiated liposarcoma and papillary renal carcinoma is presented. The occurrence of typical areas of round cell liposarcoma made the pathological diagnosis of the sarcoma relatively easy; however the neoplasm was not diagnosed correctly before the autopsy. Cardiac liposarcoma is a very rare primary malignant(More)
The authors present the true incidence of non-Hodgkin's lymphomas basing on the cases diagnosed in Małopolska district during one-year period. The data point to higher lymphoma morbidity than the incidence of them reported by National Cancer Register. Noteworthy is also the distribution of lymphoma types in Polish population being different from that one(More)
In Poland, data on the incidence and mortality associated with malignancies are collected by the National Cancer Register (NCR). The Register is based on the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), which does not allow for assessing the incidence of lymphatic neoplasms classified according to the WHO classification system enforced since 2001.(More)
Sixty cases of primary MALT type lymphomas were subjected to a retrospective analysis, which assessed the proliferative (PI) and apoptotic (AI) indices. The MIB-1 antibody was used for the Ki-67 proliferative antigen epitope, as well as the Apoptag In Situ Apoptosis Detection Kit (Oncor). The group included 32 low-grade and 28 high-grade lymphomas. In(More)
Most national lymphoma registers rely on broad classifications which include Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphomas (NHL), multiple myeloma and leukaemia. In Poland the National Histopathological Lymphoma Register project (NHLR) was implemented by hematopathologists in accordance with the 2008 WHO classification into haematopoietic and lymphoid tissues. We(More)