Krystyna Bukietyńska

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The equilibria of the complexation processes of V(3+) with L-alanine and L-aspartic acid in aqueous solution over a wide pH range (2-10) were studied by potentiometric and spectroscopic (UV-Vis, CD) methods. The results show that alanine forms complexes with V(3+) in the metal ion concentration range and at the ligand-to-metal ratios investigated, giving(More)
The complexation processes of vanadium(III) with L-cysteinate and s-methyl-L-cysteinate ligands have been studied in aqueous solutions in the pH range 2-7 by the pH-potentiometric, UV-Vis absorption and CD spectroscopy methods. The equilibria model of complex formation, evaluated by SUPERQUAD program, so as careful inspection of spectroscopic data have(More)
The dinuclear micro-okso vanadium (III) complex compound H(4)V(2)OCl(4)(Ad)(2) synthesized in our laboratory was investigated as a potential cytotoxic agent against yeast cells. The results of these studies could be helpful in the explanation of the mechanism governing the V (III) compound action on yeast as a simple model of eukaryotic cells. The important(More)
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