Krystof Obidzinski

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Deforestation and forest degradation in the tropics is a major source of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The tropics also harbour more than half the world's threatened species, raising the possibility that reducing GHG emissions by curtailing tropical deforestation could provide substantial co-benefits for biodiversity conservation. Here we explore(More)
The oil palm industry in Indonesia faces several challenges in its bid to adopt more sustainable practices. These challenges include finding ways to increase smallholder palm oil production and to promote benefit sharing with local communities. However, factors that influence oil palm yield and income among oil palm smallholdings are poorly known. We(More)
Indonesian Forests and Illegality 3 The various forms of illegality 3 Illegal timber production in Indonesia and trade 4 The market for certified and legally verified timber 6 Threats to the forest and causes of illegal logging 8 National and International Policies and Illegal Logging 12 Transition from the Suharto period 12 Recent policy changes: log(More)
Indonesia’s forestry sector is in a dilemma due to the long-standing disparity between high processing capacity of forest industries and the limited supply of timber. The supply crunch has led to over-harvesting in order to meet demand and resulted in a decline of natural forests. The Indonesian government seeks to revive the forestry sector and secure its(More)
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