Krystle A P Penders

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Despite a lively debate about the dimensional vs. categorical nature of Personality Disorders (PDs), direct empirical tests of the underlying structure are missing for most PDs. Taxometrics can be used to investigate whether latent structures are categorical or dimensional. We investigated the latent structure underlying Avoidant, Dependent,(More)
OBJECTIVE Personality disorders (PDs) often remain unrecognized in older adults by doctors in general practice. Therefore, this study evaluated the diagnostic accuracy of a screening instrument, the Gerontological Personality Disorder Scale (GPS), in a Dutch general-practice population of older adults. METHOD The psychometric properties of the GPS patient(More)
BACKGROUND In psychiatry for older adults (> 60 years) personality disorders play an important part in diagnosis and treatment and in the advice given to health professionals and carers on how to deal with this age group. So far, however, research in this area has been inadequate. AIM To investigate age-related diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of(More)
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