Krystina Lamb

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The experimentally measured timing jitter of a self-mode-locked Ti:sapphire laser is compared with the theoretically predicted quantum limit. Timing jitter figures of 150 fs (100-500 Hz) and 80 fs (500-5000 Hz), which approach the quantum limit, have been achieved by use of an improved cavity phase-locking technique.
An inorganic proton exchange membrane based on sintered mesoporous silica and phosphoric acid was developed with a high proton conductivity of 0.06 S cm(-1) at 200 °C, achieving an excellent power output of 689 mW cm(-2) in H2 at 190 °C and 200 mW cm(-2) in methanol at 200 °C with no external humidification.
A nitrate ion-selective electrode (ISE) employing a permeable tubular membrane impregnated with a conventional ISE cocktail has been used successfully in the coulometric analysis of nitrate in fresh waters. The liquid ISE membrane comprising a nitrate ionophore [tridodecylmethylammonium nitrate (TDMAN)], lipophilic electrolyte(More)
A novel inorganic proton exchange membrane based on phosphoric acid (PA)-functionalized sintered mesoporous silica, PA-meso-silica, has been developed and investigated. After sintering at 650 °C, the meso-silica powder forms a dense membrane with a robust and ordered mesoporous structure, which is critical for retention of PA and water within the porous(More)
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