Krystina Lamb

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A novel inorganic proton exchange membrane based on phosphoric acid (PA)-functionalized sintered mesoporous silica, PA-meso-silica, has been developed and investigated. After sintering at 650 °C, the meso-silica powder forms a dense membrane with a robust and ordered mesoporous structure, which is critical for retention of PA and water within the porous(More)
An inorganic proton exchange membrane based on sintered mesoporous silica and phosphoric acid was developed with a high proton conductivity of 0.06 S cm(-1) at 200 °C, achieving an excellent power output of 689 mW cm(-2) in H2 at 190 °C and 200 mW cm(-2) in methanol at 200 °C with no external humidification.
A nitrate ion-selective electrode (ISE) employing a permeable tubular membrane impregnated with a conventional ISE cocktail has been used successfully in the coulometric analysis of nitrate in fresh waters. The liquid ISE membrane comprising a nitrate ionophore [tridodecylmethylammonium nitrate (TDMAN)], lipophilic electrolyte(More)
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