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METIS is developing a 5G system concept that meets the requirements of the beyond-2020 connected information society and supports new usage scenarios. To meet the objectives METIS uses Horizontal Topics (HT) that addresses a key new challenge, identifies necessary new functionalities and proposes HT-specific concepts. This paper presents an initial view of(More)
Device to device (D2D) communication is expected to be an important aspect in future 5G communication systems. To this end, D2D has been identified as an important topic in the EU flagship project METIS, wherein commercial D2D use cases are also considered. In principle, direct D2D communication offers the double benefit of low latency and high data rate at(More)
Due to high mortality rates of lung cancer, there is a need for identification of new, clinically useful markers, which improve detection of this tumor in early stage of disease. In the current study, serum peptide profiling was evaluated as a diagnostic tool for non-small cell lung cancer patients. The combination of the ZipTip technology with(More)
Poland's syndrome is a very rare type of chest deformation found in 1 : 32,000 – 1 : 52,500 live births [1, 2]. Its treatment most often involves the reconstruction of the mammary glands with the transposition of a pedicled muscle skin flap using Marlex mesh [3, 4] or the repair of the chest's bone structure. The coexistence of multiple developmental(More)
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