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In the n-dimensional hypercube, an n-snake is a simple path with no chords, while an n-coil is a simple cycle without chords. There has been much i n terest in determining the length of a maximum n-snake and a maximum n-coil. Only upper and lower bounds for these maximum lengths are known for arbitrary n. Computationally, the problem of nding maximum(More)
Workflow management systems (WfMSs) have been used to support various types of business processes for more than a decade now. In workflows or Web processes for e-commerce and Web service applications, suppliers and customers define a binding agreement or contract between the two parties, specifying Quality of Service (QoS) items such as products or services(More)
Workflow management systems (WfMSs) are being increasingly deployed to deliver e-business transactions across organizational boundaries. To ensure a high service quality in such transactions, exception-handling schemes for conflict resolution are needed. The conflicts primarily arise due to failure of a task in workflow execution because of underlying(More)
This paper presents ve run-time architectures for implementing a Workkow Management System (WFMS). The architectures range from highly centralized to fully distributed. Two of the architectures have been implemented at the Large Scale Distributed Information Systems (LSDIS) Lab at The University of Georgia. All the WFMS architectures are designed on top of(More)
Web services aim to support efficient integration of applications over Web. Most Web services are stateful, such as services for business processes, and they converse with each other via properly ordered interactions, instead of individual unrelated invocations. In order to address efficient integration of conversational Web services, we create a unified(More)
Genetic Algorithms are heuristic search schemes based on a model of Darwinian evolution. Although not guaranteed to find the optimal solution, genetic algorithms have been shown to be effective at finding near optimal and, in some cases, optimal solutions to combinatorially explosive problems. Finding a maximal length snake, a list of vertices satisfying(More)
Discovery of semantic associations in Semantic Web ontologies is an important task in various analytical activities. Several query languages and storage systems have been designed and implemented for storage and retrieval of information in RDF ontologies. However, they are inadequate for semantic association discovery. In this paper we present the design(More)
The Department of Defense (DoD) needs multilevel secure (MLS) workflow management systems to enable globally distributed users and applications to cooperate across classification levels to achieve mission critical goals. An MLS workflow management system that allows a user to program multilevel mission logic, to securely coordinate widely distributed tasks,(More)
The rapidly evolving managed health-care industry requires efficient coordination of human and automated tasks as well as information-flow across multiple enterprises. One of the most critical applications in managed care is statewide immunization tracking, which if supported by appropriate workflow technology can achieve substantial near term impact. In(More)