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Effects of some adrenergic blockers on the abstinence syndrome of addicts to drugs and alcohol.
: Pyrroxand and butyroxan -- original drugs possessing hyghly selective alpha-adreno-blocking action at peripheral and central level-relieve symptoms of abstinence syndrome caused by narcotics andExpand
[Effect of amizil and arecoline on the activity of Na, K-ATP-ase and concentration of Na+ and K+ ions in rat brain].
A study was made of the activity of Na, K-ATP-ase and the Na+ and K+ content in the brain of rats with the action of arecoline and amizyl. Both arecoline and amizyl increased the Na, K-ATP-aseExpand
Pharmacology of prooxen
Prooxen--9-(3-dimethylaminopropyliden) xanthene--administered in small doses (0.05-0.1 mg/kg) produces a central and peripheral adrenosensibilizing effect, diminishes the duration of hexenal sleep,Expand