Kruti Dangarwala

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Moving object detection is the task of identifying the physical movement of an object in a given region or area. Over last few years, moving object detection has received much of attraction due to its wide range of applications like video surveillance, human motion analysis, robot navigation, event detection, anomaly detection, video conferencing, traffic(More)
Image Segmentation plays vital role in Computer Vision and Digital Image Processing. It is the process of separating the digital image into distinct region(s) possessing homogeneous properties. The main objective of image segmentation is to extract various features of the image that are used for analyzing, interpretation and understanding of images. Image(More)
Noise is an unwanted information present in an image. Such unwanted information in an image can be removed with filters. In digital image processing, filters can be applied on an image in two ways, which include spatial and frequency domain. This paper mainly deals with the application of spatial domain filters on noisy images for the purpose of identifying(More)
Just about all the newest living room audio-video electronics and PC multimedia products being designed today will incorporate some form of compressed digitized-audio processing capability. Audio compression reduces the bit rate required to represent an analog audio signal while maintaining the perceived audio quality. Discarding inaudible data reduces the(More)
Digital Steganography is a process of hiding confidential digital information into a file of any kind. Digital Information is a resource which holds a lot of value in the modern world. In this paper we propose Steganography with SMS alert which is an approach to send secure digital information over a network in a secure way. The proposed algorithm secures(More)
The image mosaicing is one of the most widely used techniques for semi-automated or automated recovery of original documents from ripped up documents. Reconstruction of hand torn or ripped-up paper documents is a challenging job in forensic, investigation science, historical artifact reconstruction. Creation of document mosaic images from some torn piece(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) consist of tiny sensor nodes scattered on a relatively large geographical area. The nodes are cooperative in nature, that is, they can communication with one another or to a central control unit. The work of each such node is to collect the information from surrounding like pressure, temperature, humidity, magnetic fields,(More)
Blind Source Separation (BSS) refers to the process of recovering source signals from a given mixture of unknown source signals were in no prior information about source and mixing methodology is known. Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is widely used BSS technique which allows separation of source components from complex mixture of signals based on(More)
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