Krupa J Patel

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The use of chemotherapy as a form of primary treatment for breast cancer is increasing and, as a result, more resection specimens contain tumours which have been exposed to cytotoxic drugs. We have studied the effects of chemotherapy on the tumour morphology and various biological features of breast carcinoma in a group of 35 patients. These were a group(More)
BACKGROUND Anti-cancer drugs access solid tumors via blood vessels, and must penetrate tumor tissue to reach all cancer cells. Previous studies have demonstrated steep gradients of decreasing doxorubicin fluorescence with increasing distance from blood vessels, such that many tumor cells are not exposed to drug. Studies using multilayered cell cultures show(More)
We have characterized the expression and activity of the cell cycle regulatory machinery and the organization of the cytoskeleton of the p16(Ink4a)-deficient astrocytoma cell line, U343 MG-a (U343), following retinoic acid (RA) treatment. RA causes cell cycle arrest at low cell density and significant morphological changes in U343 cells, reflected by(More)
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