Krunoslav Romanjek

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Constant downscaling of transistors leads to increase the relative difference between Lmask and Leff . Effective length (Leff ) extractions are now crucial to avoid calculations errors on parameters such as the mobility, which can exceed 100% for shorter devices. We propose an industrially-adapted method to extract Leff by using an enhanced ”split C-V”(More)
We report here experimental investigations on GeOI pMOSFET: Besides the +65% mobility enhancement in narrow channel GeOI pMOSFETs as compared to wide channels, attributed to improved sidewall transport properties, 〈100〉 channel orientation transport is investigated for the first time in Ge (001): unlike Si, no current gain is observed compared(More)
Germanium MOSFET is considered as a promising alternative to silicon due to its intrinsically higher carrier mobility, especially for holes. Using appropriate channel and pocket implants, this paper presents for the first time well-behaved short channel devices characteristics featuring a negative V<sub>th</sub> and no parasitic conduction at the BOx(More)
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