Krunoslav Buljan

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We report a 61 years old male presenting with a right cerebral infarction, along with a type I persistent left proatlantal artery (PA), which is a form of primitive carotid-basilar anastomosis. The patient had an absence of the ipsilateral vertebral artery (VA) and hypoplasia of the contralateral VA, while the basilar artery was supplied by the PA. Other(More)
It presents a case of a 39-year old woman with acute symptomatic occlusion of basilar artery proximal segment, which was manifested by severe neurological symptomatology and deficits. The patient was treated conventionally (anticoagulant, then antiplatelet agent therapy) with excellent short-term and long-term outcome. In spite of serious acute neurological(More)
The aim of our study was to examine the relationship between the mode of coping and health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in patients with migraine. We have also tried to examine the relationship of disease duration and the frequency of attacks with HRQoL and the ways of coping with stress. The research was done on a sample consisting of 106 participants(More)
AIM This study aimed to assess the effect of acute hyperoxia on cerebral and systemic heamodynamics and the plasma concentration of prostacyclin and thromboxane in patients with stroke. METHODS Mean blood flow velocity (MBFV), pulsatility and resistance indices of the middle cerebral artery using transcranial Doppler ultrasound before and during acute(More)
We present a 55-year-old man with repeated transient symptoms of vertebrobasilar arterial pathology. Physical examination detected no signs that would indicate the stenosis of the proximal subclavian artery segment. Ultrasound detected hemodynamic disorder of right vertebral artery, which correspond to a partial subclavian steal syndrome. Angiography shows(More)
The intima-media thickness (IMT) of carotid arteries is a marker of subclinical atherosclerosis associated with risk factors for atherosclerosis and a predictor of vascular disease. The aim of the research was to determine the correlation of IMT and age, and above normal IMT values in healthy adults in Slavonia (eastern Croatia). The study included 275(More)
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