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Advancements in sensor technology provide new multi-sensor systems with increasing flexibility. The sensor management process aims to perform sensor actions that support the overall goal of the user of a multi-sensor system. Some sensors can support multiple functions. When the different sensor functions utilise shared resources then the sensor actions must(More)
Modern sensors that are increasingly flexible may be used to schedule various functions. Such sensors typically have competing demands on limited sensor resources such as the sensor timeline. Sensor management systems attempt to meet the overall goal of the sensor user by considering the user's priorities and the capabilities of the sensor. This paper(More)
New developments in sensor technologies have enabled more efficient and effective application of resources. Sensors that are agile and support multiple modes of operation require adaptive scheduling approaches in order to yield performance benefits compared to fixed off-line approaches. User objectives for different types of tasks must be carefully defined(More)
Wedgetail is the Australian Defence Force's Airborne Early Warning and Control project, which is due for delivery in 2006. This paper presents a view from the perspective of the Project Support Network in DSTO, on paths for capability growth and on the technological possibilities and limitations for growth. Besides technology maturity, an important driver(More)
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