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LC-PDA-ESI-MSn analysis of phenolic and iridoid compounds from Globularia spp.
Plants produce a great number of metabolites with potentially useful biological activities. Species from the genus Globularia (Plantaginaceae) are known as sources of different phenolic and iridoidExpand
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Comparative analysis of specialized metabolites and antioxidant capacity in vitro of different natural populations of Globularia spp.
Abstract Total phenolic, flavonoid, condensed tannin and iridoid content, as well as antioxidant capacity in vitro, were determined spectrophotometrically in methanolic extracts of different plantExpand
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RFLP analysis of cpDNA in the genus Hypericum
The chloroplast DNA of 43 species including 16 sections from the genus Hypericum was studied by PCR-RFLP analysis. The PCR-amplified products of four cpDNA regions, trnC-trnD, psbC-trnS, trnL-trnFExpand
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Explaining Intricate Morphometric Variability with Environmental Predictors: The Case of Globularia cordifolia Species Complex
Globularia is a genus of small evergreen and perennial shrubs that are widespread in Europe. Globularia section Empetron includes a group of three species, G. cordifolia, G. meridionalis, and G.Expand