Kriwanek Stephan

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The time course of changes in VFT was determined during the 1st phase of arrhythmia following coronary occlusion and during consecutive reperfusion in five repeated periods of occlusion and reperfusion in 10 mongrel dogs (17–24 kg). VFT was determined using a square wave pulse series of 140 ms duration which was triggered by the R-wave of the ECG and placed(More)
Epicardial electrocardiographic maps were used to assess the effect of heart rate, myocardial contractility, and oxygen need on the severity of myocardial ischaemic injury after acute coronary artery occlusion in dogs. The experimental data indicate statistically significant dependence of the severity of ischaemia on heart rate, contractility, and oxygen(More)
Studies were carried out in dogs with significant moderate left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) induced by artifical coarctatio aortae to reveal the reserve of performance and the behavior in response to acute ligation of the LCA (left circumflex artery). The hemodynamic data at rest and during catecholamine stimulation were not essentially different, whereas(More)
After acute circumscribed myocardial infarction the effects of the beta-sympatholytic agent 1-(indol-4-yl-oxy)-3-isopropyl-amino-propan-2-ol (pindolol; Visken) on hemodynamics and contractility were examined. Hemodynamic changes after application of pindolol are of small extent only. Heart rate shows a rising tendency whereas systolic and diastolic aortic(More)