Kritsanapong Somsuk

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RSA is the most well-known public key cryptosystem. The security of RSA is based on the difficulty of factoring the modulus which is the product of the two large prime numbers. If the modulus is factorized, RSA is broken. VFactor is a new factorization algorithm which can factorize the modulus faster than Fermat's Factorization algorithm (FFM) and Trial(More)
We propose a method to decrease processing time for two factorization algorithms. One is Modified Fermat Factorization Version 2 (MFFV2) modified from Modified Fermat Factorization (MFF). The other is Modified Non - sieving Quadratic Sieve Version 2 (MNQSV2) modified from Modified Non - Sieving Quadratic Sieve (MNQS). A key concept of this method is to(More)
The aim of this research is to find the better modified integer factorization between two algorithms we recently proposed. These two algorithms are able to decrease time to search for two prime factors of the modulus. Factoring the modulus leads to breaking of RSA which the security is based on integer factorization. Both of these algorithms are called(More)
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