Kritina L. Holden

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Two experiments examined selecting text using a movement sequence of pointing and dragging. Experiment 1 showed that, in the Point-Drag sequence, the pointing time was related to the pointing distance but not to the width of the text to be selected; in contrast, pointing time was related to both the pointing distance and the width of the text in the(More)
The paper challenges the notion that any Fitts' Law model can be applied generally to human-computer interaction, and proposes instead that applying Fitts' Law requires knowledge of the users' sequence of movements, direction of movement, and typical movement amplitudes as well as target sizes. Two experiments examined a text selection task with sequences(More)
Computer systems offering windowing environments have been readily embraced by the computer user community. These capabilities have become so popular in recent years, that even the more traditional command-line systems such as IBM PCs are offering windowing environments. The question arises as to whether or not a windowing environment is appropriate for any(More)
Touchsemen technology is well-suited for extreme environments, for example, rniemgravity. However, the usability of touchscreens has not been tested in this environment. The Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory (HFEL) at the NASA Johnson Space Center has conducted three evaluations of touchscreen usability both in a simulated weightless environment and(More)
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