Kriti Bhargava

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We present a rare case where the introducer of a metal tracheostomy tube became lodged in the tracheobronchial tree. This may be the only reported case. The literature is reviewed to study the possible cause of tracheostomy tube component fracture and to suggest methods for preventing this complication.
In 1980, Bhargava et al. reported a new treatment of allergic and vasomotor rhinitis by the local application of 15 per cent silver nitrate. The results of further studies of the treatment by using different concentrations of silver nitrate ranging from 5 per cent to 25 per cent and normal saline as placebo are presented here; 15 per cent has been found to(More)
The role of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) in agriculture has become prominent as part of the precision farming initiative. In the future, multiple WSN systems will be deployed on every farm. Accurate and timely analyses of the data collected by these systems will become paramount for increasing efficiency and sustainability of farming. Conventionally,(More)
A new, simple and effective local treatment of allergic and vasomotor rhinitis is presented. Using 15 per cent silver nitrate, bilateral chemical cautery of the anterior part of the nasal septum and inferior turbinates has been carried out at weekly intervals on 1 to 5 occasions, in 41 cases. No distinction was made between allergic rhinitis and vasomotor(More)
A burning sensation in the throat is often complained of by patients, but this symptom has been neglected in the literature. To emphasize its importance, should we give the name 'caloripharyngeus' to the symptom of burning in the throat? A preliminary study of 30 patients with the sensation of burning in the throat is presented in this study. Of the(More)
Despite the numerous advantages of using Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) in precision farming, the lack of infrastructure in the remote farm locations as well as the constraints of WSN devices have limited its role, to date. In this paper, we present the design and implementation of our WSN based prototype system for intelligent data collection in the(More)