Krithi K Rao

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The objective of the present study was to evaluate the protective effect of Phyllanthus emblica against clastogenicity induced by lead nitrate on the incidence of sperm head abnormalities in the germ cells of mice. At higher concentration of lead, a significant increase in the percentage of sperm head abnormalities was noted but when animals primed with(More)
2B4 (CD244), a member of the signaling lymphocyte-activation molecule (SLAM/CD150), is expressed on all NK cells, a subpopulation of T cells, monocytes and basophils. Human NK cells express two isoforms of 2B4, h2B4-A and h2B4-B that differ in a small portion of the extracellular domain. In the present investigation, we have studied the functions of h2B4-A(More)
Rocha e Silva and Rosenthal (1) have reported that the exudates from burnt rat skin contain histamine, bradykinin, adenosine derivatives and possibly serotonin and other as yet unidentified pharmacologically active and toxic substances. Hodson (2) has reported the peripheral antiserotonin activity of B.W. 501 C 67 (α-anilino-N-2-m-chlorophenoxypropyl(More)
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