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We present an ecient hybrid method for aligning sentences with their translations in a parallel bilingual corpus. The new algorithm is composed of a length-based and anchor matching method that uses Named Entity recognition. This algorithm combines the speed of length-based models with the accuracy of anchor nding methods. The accuracy of nding cognates for(More)
Consider a rigid structure (a bridge, a roof, or any other bar-and-joint framework) which resolves a so-called equilibrium force system acting on its joints. This generates stresses in the bars. When the location of a joint v is slightly perturbed, and the same force system is applied, the resolving stress will change in some of the bars. We call the set of(More)
A huge amount of log data accumulates automatically during computer-based educational assessments that can be analyzed for diagnostic or educational purposes using data mining techniques. In this paper, we describe our work of mining students' complex problem solving interactions when tackling previously unknown and dynamically changing situations. Based on(More)
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