Krisztina R. Végh

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While numerous natural products (NPs) possess activity on central nervous system (CNS) targets, there has been no analytical approach to effectively identify compounds with high brain penetration potential in complex mixtures at the early stage of drug discovery. To overcome this issue, the performance of an in vitro parallel artificial membrane(More)
The state of activation of phosphorylation in muscle has been reinvestigated by combining the extraction procedures of Danforth, Helmreich, and Cori with the low-temperature techniques of this laboratory. In resting frog muscle, the phosphorylase-alpha content is usually below detectability. Upon contractile activity in series of twitches, activation of(More)
The main components of drought tolerance of six maize genotypes were studied to evaluate crop performance in water limiting environments: (1) the postponement of dehydration by reduced transpiration rate (TR) and an increased efficiency of water acquisition from soil; (2) the tolerance of dehydration by effective physiological water use. The aim was to(More)
Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium L., Asteraceae) is a perennial medicinal plant which has been used to alleviate the symptoms of migraine, headache and rheumatoid arthritis and possesses numerous pharmacological activities. An ultra-high-performance supercritical fluid chromatographic method (UHPSFC) was developed and validated in accordance with the(More)
Quantitative phytochemical characterisation of the chief flavonoid aglycones in the hydrolysed Lysimachia extracts revealed the dominance of kaempferol, quercetin and myricetin in L. vulgaris, L. nummularia, L. punctata, L. christinae, L. ciliata and L. clethroides, respectively. Due to the significant radical scavenging capacity of the samples, the(More)
Corylus avellana L., C. colurna L. and C. maxima Mill. have been used in traditional medicine for a long time for the treatment of various diseases, such as phlebitis, varicose veins, haemorrhoidal symptoms and eczema. Our previous studies indicated the presence of flavonol-3-O-glycosides, diarylheptanoids and caffeic acid derivatives in the bark and leaf(More)
Since the last decade naturally occurring diarylheptanoids have been in the focus of scientific interest due to their various. beneficial biological effects. Besides the outstanding importance of the curcuminoids isolated from members of the Curcuma genus (Zingiberaceae), several different diarylheptanoids identified in Alnus species (Betulaceae) have been(More)
The measurement of electrical capacitance in root–soil system (CR) is a useful method for estimating the root system size (RSS) in situ; however, CR–RSS regressions are often poor. It was hypothesized that this weak relationships could be partly due to the variable energy-loss rate, indicated by the dissipation factor (DF). The values of CR and the(More)