Krisztina Mészáros

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Mononuclear phagocytes, stimulated by bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS), have been implicated in the activation of coagulation in sepsis and endotoxemia. In monocytes LPS induces the synthesis of tissue factor (TF) which, assembled with factor VII, initiates the blood coagulation cascades. In this study we investigated the mechanism of LPS recognition by(More)
A voice assessment was performed before and after conservative voice treatment in 3 male-to-female transsexuals and in 2 nontreated transsexuals serving as control persons. The characteristics studied were voice quality, habitual speaking pitch, vocal pitch range, vocal intensity range, maximum phonation time and 'communicative impairment', a subjective(More)
The authors describe the case history of a patient who suffered from symptoms deriving from two different origins. The patient's voice was spasmodic dysphonia-like interrupted and pressed. At the same time, his voice was powerless, too. The reason for this was that besides the spasmodic dysphonia caused by hyperkinesis, an incomplete closure of the vocal(More)
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