Krisztina Kádas

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The composition and the structure of the Earth's solid inner core are still unknown. Iron is accepted to be the main component of the core. Lately, the body-centered cubic (bcc) phase of iron was suggested to be present in the inner core, although its stability at core conditions is still in discussion. The higher density of pure iron compared with that of(More)
The existence of small bond angles (like those of triangles and squares) in amorphous silicon networks were studied by the tight-binding molecular dynamics method, by analyzing the statistical data of Si–Si–Si fragments inside large molecules, and also by the Reverse Monte-Carlo simulation method. The influence of small bond angles on the electronic density(More)
Combining theory with experiments, we study the phase stability, elastic properties, electronic structure and hardness of layered ternary borides AlCr2B2, AlMn2B2, AlFe2B2, AlCo2B2, and AlNi2B2. We find that the first three borides of this series are stable phases, while AlCo2B2 and AlNi2B2 are metastable. We show that the elasticity increases in the boride(More)
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