Krisztina Csontos

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Mechanical stimulation of dorsal mouse skin by skin massage or removal of the horny layer results in a mutually comparable increase in DNA-labelling and mitotic activity. However, only after injury such as removal of the horny layer hyperplasia develops. This phenomenon, called "hyperplastic transformation" is characterized by a transient abolition of the(More)
The concomitant in vivo release of immunoreactive ACTH and beta-endorphin was investigated by measuring the plasma levels of both peptides in the plasma collected during labor and parturition of female human subjects. Maternal and fetal beta-endorphin circulation was investigated by estimating the plasma levels in umbilical vein and artery and comparing(More)
In view of the close structural similarity between the pro-opiocortin fragment, gamma-MSH, and ACTH/MSH-type peptides, the behavioural profile of gamma-MSH was explored. Attention was first focused on behavioural procedures in which ACTH/MSH-related neuropeptides have been found effective. It was found that gamma-MSH and ACTH-like neuropeptides had opposite(More)
144. N. Ju~ni6, M. Majstorovi6, L. Vojvodi6 (Gyn~ikologisch-obstetrische Klinik der Medizinischen Fakult/it Beograd): Perinatale Morbidltiit und Mortalltiit bel den Nengeborenen aus Beekenendlage (BEL) Die Geburten aus der BEL sind in unserem Untersuchungsgut mit 4,0% vertreten. Von der Gesamtzahl der BEL wurden 24,1% durch Sectio Caesarea und 75,9% vaginal(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE An estimated 20% of ischemic strokes are of cardiogenic origin, half of which is associated with atrial fibrillation (AF). Anticoagulation treatment of patients with this arrhythmia reduces their risk of stroke. Effectiveness and safety of oral anticoagulant therapy with vitamin K antagonists (VKA) is limited, however, by their(More)
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