Krisztian Fekete

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We uncover the full circle of favors leading to media capture in Hungary. We first document favors from politicians to the media. Exploiting changes in government and media ownership, we show that under right-wing—but not left-wing—governments, state-owned firms heavily tilted advertising to connected newspapers and billboards, relative to the advertising(More)
In this publication, the concept of image coordinate RMS error derived from average object side RMS is introduced. In the course of derivation, data on network geometry and redundancy were taken into consideration; thereby camera output for a given object distance was characterized by this quantity independent of the shooting arrangement. If this value is(More)
Authors give a literary review of the pathomorphology and distribution of the Monteggia injuries. The necessity of the correct reduction of the ulna and the role of the interosseous membrane, the strength of which is able alone to eliminate the luxation of the radial head and to keep it on its proper place, are underlined and stressed. With the(More)
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